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TIDERSTONE has passed all important Certifications for our Stone business to ensure that our customers will get service and products as per international standard as well as we keep ourselves updated on recent progress in he Stone market. Tiderstone understands itself as the "right hand" of its customers in purchase and we want to take all worries from you regarding purchase that you can spend all your efforts in distribution.

CE Certificate

Tiderstone has got CE Certificate from TÜV Rheinland Group Germany for our most popular materials G603, G654, G682 and G684. You can check its trutch by input Tider or Tider Stone at the page below: http://www.tuvdotcom.com/search?locale=en&q=tider+stone

    ISO9001:2000 Qualification

The Moody International Group is a leading international technical services company committed to continuous improvement and the provision of value-added services fundamental to ensuring complete and cost effective execution of projects across multiple continents and industries. Under ISO9001 system Tiderstone has been achieving a consistent approach with its products or services assuring customer satisfaction and adding value and having an Internationally recognised certificate of a well managed business.


 Xiamen Stone Chamber

Xiamen Stone Chamber is a leading local organization committed to promote the development of stone business and companies. Tiderstone is proud to play an important role in Xiamen stone Chamber. It is well known in Asia  and famous in offering professional stone technical support and suggestion to local stone enterprise.



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